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Mascot Advanced 17584 Sweatshirt Moss Green Black

Mascot Advanced 17584 Sweatshirt Moss Green Black
Mascot Advanced 17584 Sweatshirt Moss Green Black
  • Model: 17584-319-3309-

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Mascot Advanced 17584 Sweatshirt Moss Green Black
Model: 17584

  • Modern, close fit with great freedom of movement.
  • Adjustable extra high collar with hidden drawstring stoppers.
  • Ventilation under the arms.
  • Stretch fabric at the sides provides extra freedom of movement.
  • Adjustable elastic drawstring at waist.

Modern, close fit with great freedom of movement. Front pockets. High collar with adjustable drawstring. Ventilation under sleeves. Ergonomically shaped sleeves allows high freedom of movement. Stretch fabric at the sides. Adjustable elastic drawstring at waist.

MASCOT® ADVANCED is a full range of lightweight workwear with complete stretch. This range is designed for workwear users who experience a workday at full speed and who have high demands for their workwear’s functionality and comfort. MASCOT® ADVANCED is 100% four-way stretch with exceptional durability.

MASCOT® ADVANCED is superior freedom of movement. The products are designed to be worn in layers and to resist the challenges you meet in your work day. With MASCOT® ADVANCED you get products where stretch is combined with high durability and a low weight. Workwear doesn’t have to be heavy to last for a long time.

Many combination possibilities

In this range you will find a wide selection of products that give you the possibility to adjust your workwear for your work day and the changing temperatures. With moisture wicking inner layers, insulating knitted jackets, fleece jumpers and thermal jackets as a mid layer and wind and waterproof jackets as an outer layer, you are ensured super temperature control.

The trousers have plenty space for tools. As something new, the pockets are fully integrated in the design, so with the stretch fabric, you can load the pockets up without affecting your freedom of movement.

Forget overheated knees. On the inside of the knee you can open ventilation ducts that initiate airflow. On the side of the leg, via a zipper, you can easily remove the kneepads, even while wearing the trousers, so they aren’t keeping your knees warm unnecessarily.

Ergonomic fit is in focus

The products and the details of MASCOT® ADVANCED are developed simultaneously with an ideal ergonomic fit. The pockets are integrated, not added. It is the basis for not just the best fit, but also the most optimal functionality. The result is clothing that feels like a second skin!

MASCOT-stretch – a unique freedom of movement

MASCOT® ADVANCED has a large selection of trousers with 100% stretch to give you room for all your movements and provide you with the freedom to move with nothing that tightens or bothers. The water-repellent multifunctional stretch material combines low weight with very high durability. The flexible material feels soft and comfortable – almost like a second skin. The trousers are available with or without holster pockets, as ¾-length trousers and as shorts.

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